Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I just had to post these crocuses. I am in awe of the way they poke up through layers and layers of dead leaves. New life appearing on the barren ground and it couldn't have come at a better time, when we here in the Northeast are about to go mad from this cold. So hopeful. I raked for 2 1/2 hours straight, with my coat off! I kept these crocuses in their little patch of decay, not daring to disturb them. A man saw me raking and laughed at me from his car as he drove by, yelling something about a snowstorm on Saturday, but I didn't care. I just smiled at him.

My crocuses reminded me of a song by Beth Neilson Chapman, Life Holds On, "...when I noticed all the grass in the cracks in the concrete I said 'where there's a will, there's a way around anything.' Life holds on, given the slightest chance, for the weak and the strong, life holds on."

Life is coming back to the Berkshires, and even if it snows on Friday or Saturday, these crocuses remind us of how life will continue and continue given the slightest chance.

Alison Larkin's narration of The Adventures of Charlie & Moon Audio Book

Alison Larkin's many voices are resounding through my kitchen as I sit here listening to the new audiobook I produced, The Adventures of Charlie & Moon, by Australian author, Martin Meader. I have listened and listened again to this six hour children's fantasy adventure, and thanks to the incredibly funny and charming narration by British comedienne, author and friend, Alison Larkin, I could listen for hours more.

The Adventures of Charlie & Moon, is a fantasy for children about a boy named Charlie who opens his birthday present the night before his ninth birthday and the consequences that follow. Moon is a young eagle who needs Charlie’s help to stop an evil toymaker from turning all the eagles and endangered species into stuffed toys. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon takes children on a wild ride through the imaginary Shire of Tumblegum to stop the evil toymaker, Skunk Weavel from achieving his wicked ways. The Adventures of Charlie & Moon is in production to be a feature film and I will be updating you on that exciting news as well.,,

Alison's character voices can be heard in cartoons and movies all over the world from work by Robert Altman to The Wonderpets. Her own bestselling novel, The English American joins a nobel Laureate, E.B. White and President Obama on's list of best author narrated audio books of all time. She is a comedienne, an entertainer (she certainly entertains me when we get together), author, screenwriter, playwright. To hear some of Alison's cartoon and movie voices click For more details go to

Kids are absolutely loving this crazy book, and they will now be able to read along with Alison, who does the voices better (sorry folks) than ANY parent could ever dream of doing. I am so excited about sharing this audio book with the world!

I will keep you posted on the launch date, but it will be SOON. It will be 6 hours of listening magic. Think of the long drives you'll be taking this summer. Think of the new Masterpiece Classics you want to watch, but it's bedtime. Or that paperwork you need to finish up, but your kids are bored and whiny. Now you'll be able to turn on the MP3 in your kid's room and go do your thing as they fall asleep (or crack up) to Alison's hilarious rendition of The Adventures of Charlie & Moon. But what I think will happen is, you'll wind up listening with them and you'll all be laughing your heads off. That's family time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jana's Musings...: Tsunami Help

Jana's Musings...: Tsunami Help: "It's scary out there. Earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation leaks, crazy goes on and on. I am sitting here in front of my woodstov..."

Tsunami Help

It's scary out there. Earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation leaks, crazy goes on and on. I am sitting here in front of my woodstove, watching yet more snow fall, trying to figure out what I can do to make even the tiniest helpful dent in all this mess.

Here's what I came up with: I can sell books and donate money to what I consider to be simply the best relief agency in the world, The International Rescue Committee.

So if anyone out there reading this blog wants to get a good book to read and make a difference, even a small one, I am offering this: buy a book off and I will donate $5 for every book we sell to IRC for tsunami relief. Choose from Weeping Under This Same Moon by yours truly. "A Free Woman On God's Earth" by me and Ann-Elizabeth Barnes, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers, or The Adventures of Charlie & Moon, by Martin Meader.

Thank you for your help!