Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am beyond thrilled to announce that yesterday at the Book Expo America in NYC, ForeWord Magazine announced the winners of the Book of the Year Award and my novel, Weeping Under This Same Moon took the gold in the YA catagory! I was there in the audience when it was announced and it felt like I had just won the Oscar! What a thrill to have my novel be considered the best in young adult fiction! It feels great and it gives me a boost of confidence and a feeling of great joy.
I am wondering where all this will take me, but for right now, I am soaking it in and feeling much gratitude and appreciation for this honor and for all my supportive family, friends and readers!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The River

There is an icy clear stream near my home. It's the place I love to sit and meditate, my bare feet dipping in and out of the moving water. The water is numbingly cold and can be deliciously refreshing on a hot day. My dog, Jordy loves the river as much as I do, but he is braver than I, and swims no matter what the weather. I must wait until it is so hot I can barely stand it, and then I will inch my way in. Some days the river is deep enough to swim a lap, other days it is only deep enough to skim a smooth flat stone. I will go there tomorrow with my dog, and I will sit and think about things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Fun!

I just got back from spending two days in Mystic and Norwich Connecticut. I did a reading and signing at Bank Square Books and then spoke with 300 high school students at Norwich Technical High School.
When I first got to Mystic, the entire English Department as well as the Principal and Vice Principal took me out to an elegant dinner. Then we went over to the book store for a book signing. Not too many others showed up, but we had a great time. The next day I spoke for 3 hours in front of freshmen, sophomores and juniors, all of whom had read Weeping! It was incredible. Mostly everyone had interesting questions and comments. There were some tough customers, but that's high school! I got huge applause, which was just heartwarming. Kids came up and talked to me about writing, what they are doing and their inspiration. Some of them wanted me to sign autographs. I could get used to this!
It was a wonderful time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So much to do!

I am in the throes of getting three books ready for publication and feeling a little like a crazy person! A Free Woman on God's Earth is almost ready to be born!
The Adventures of Charlie and Moon, by my friend Martin is starting to take off and The Twelfth Stone is almost ready for typesetting. Then there's Jasmine who is just at the beginning stages.
So, aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, I'm having so much fun with all of it, that I had better not complain!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Another story!

So Melody Lea Lamb and I are going to collaborate on a wonderful story about a stray greyhound from England. Don't want to tell too much just yet, but her name is Jasmine!