Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Country Christmas Fair

Yesterday I spent the day selling and signing books at a country Christmas fair in Sheffield, MA.  The day started off rather slowly but business picked up later and I met some fascinating people. I often wonder what will happen in the course of a day like this. Who I will meet and what our connection will be. Yesterday I happened to have a table next to my wonderful old friends Maria and Paul. They have a unique business called Asia Luna selling beautiful handcrafted soaps, body scrubs, lip balms, candles and aroma therapy mists. Maria has started doing House Parties. I might host one.
This is truly a grassroots business. They create all their products together at home and both Maria and Paul are artists and the packaging of their beautiful products attests to that. Silly gnomes handcrafted by yours truly.


  1. Not only are Maria and Paul artist, they are also wonderful human beings, just full of love and goodness.

  2. I agree! We've been friends for years and years!