Friday, December 10, 2010

My morning coffee

My perculator broke a few weeks ago. What to do? Can you start your day without a coffee? I used to be able to. Tea is healthy but my coffee is my vice. It's my only vice these days. And I LOVE it! OK, I am addicted. I admit it. I am a coffeeholic.


  1. That was very brave, Jana. Now tell us about the Ring Dings. And Ho Hos. (This is Barbara, btw; your "comment as" profile doesn't seem to want my name.)

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  3. Blogger jana said...

    Brave? Just honest. My percolator has been repaired (actually I got a new one) and how happy I was to have my Fair Trade organic (only) coffee this morning with a homemade scone. As it seems you recall, I was, in my youth, addicted to Ring Dings. I loved Yodels well too. But experience has taught me that those childhood pleasures must remain just that.