Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Audio Book Is Born

 It's so interesting how the Universe works. One day,  a few months ago out of the blue, an Englishwoman calls me on the phone and tells me she was given my name by a mutual friend. She has been told that my daughter is a babysitter supreme (which is true) and she needs one. It turns out she has just moved to the area, is also a writer and as we speak and connect, we find we have more in common than one could believe. And to top it all off, she has moved in right across the street. 

My new friend is Alison Larkin, author of the bestselling novel, The English American. She is a wonderful actress and she narrates audiobooks! She demonstrates her array of crazy voices and characters and I begin to formulate an idea. Why doesn't she narrate The Adventures of Charlie and Moon, a wonderful children's book that I published? And it just so happens, she has a tiny window of opportunity to do it - right now!  We find a wonderful studio, Off The Beaten Track, right here in the Berkshires. We work for hours, but we have a blast. As I sit with the engineer in the studio directing it, we laugh so hard we can barely see. And the end result is fantastic! It will be out soon! I'll keep you posted as we get closer to our pub date! You can listen to Alison at her website:

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